Residential Fences

Wallace + Wallace is Manitoba’s only manufacturer of chain-link fencing.  Chain-link is a strong and durable product that is maintenance-free and is a cost effective way to protect your home.  If you are looking to stand out or blend in, be it in white, taupe, green, brown or black; our vinyl chain link and powder coated fence post options are sure to compliment your landscape. 

Wallace + Wallace is proud to present a new vinyl fence line to their family of products.  The vinyl fence line Wallace carries is of a superior quality to that which is found at your local box store.  The UV inhibitors are higher, vinyl is thicker, and our fence panels are stronger for overall longevity.  The vinyl line has a unique grooved post design which allows the horizontal rails to fit snug and tight in between posts.

The Montage line gives a residence the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing without the expensive maintenance demanded by traditional wrought-iron. Montage ornamental steel fences are popular with developers for its maintenance free coating and durable steel construction. Many prefer Montage ornamental fences over aluminum fencing for the additional strength that a welded steel fence has compared to aluminum fences.

Wood fencing is the latest addition to Wallace+Wallace’s product family. Perfect for the person who wants the natural, timeless aesthetic of a wood fence. Specializing in sound barrier and privacy plus fencing, we use staggered joints to keep the posts straight and secure, and pack the posts in limestone to improve drainage and rot resistance. Our fences come in a variety of wood and stain types, so whether you pick from our cedar, pine or spruce options, our beautiful, high-quality wood fences will make a wonderful addition to your backyard.

Protect-A-Child pool fencing can be installed in addition to perimeter fence in order to protect children. With a pool safety fence installed, your backyard patio becomes a play area for your whole family to enjoy – not a danger zone. The pool safety fence uses only strong, top quality, UV resistant invisible mesh supported by unbreakable posts. The superior characteristics of these pool fence posts, combined with our years of field experience installing gives Wallace the confidence to back the product with an unlimited manufacturer lifetime warranty against both breakage and bending.

Improve your level of privacy.  Vertical, polyethylene slats for chain link fences are the economical and aesthetic solution. Built to withstand the worst weather conditions, privacy inserts are resistant and practical. Their attractive appearance and original colour will remain intact for many years. Installing inserts is quick and easy, and requires no tools.

Wallace+Wallace will work with you and your canine companion to design a comfortable and safe environment that meets your pet's needs. We supply and install kennels and dog runs in a variety of sizes and styles.

Residential gates create an elegant look to the front of your home, while providing your home added security, and providing you peace of mind.