Commercial Fences

m500Chain Link Fence

WALLACE + WALLACE is Manitoba’s only manufacturer of chain-link fencing.  Chain-link is a strong and durable product that is maintenance-free and is a cost effective way to protect your business.

m500Rental/Construction Fence

Wallace + Wallace  provides rental fencing to secure construction, residential renovations and special events. Delivery, installation and dismantling service is available.

Invincible Ornamental Fencing

Invincible ornamental fences blend the strength of fusion weld technology and the dependable E-coat finish into a maintenance-free durable ornamental steel security fence. Invincible ornamental steel fences were designed in 7’ and 8’ heights to meet the security demands of commercial projects.

Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire has emerged between the chain link and the heavier ornamental product line.  For industrial, institutional, commercial, residential and entertainment facilities alike, designing fence enclosures that combine privacy and protection with an attractive appearance can be a challenge. The Omega II line creates a unique, less-bulky design with an elegant security solution.

Precast Fence

The timeless look of stone can complement any surrounding, and you can have it at a fraction of traditional masonry cost. Enjoy a custom look in a variety of patterns and colors, and project applications.

Gabion Fence

Gabions and Gabion Baskets have many applications and are being seen as a great sustainable solution. Gabions are enclosures that can be filled with any sort of inorganic material: rock, brick, or concrete debris. Gabions have become a popular construction material for narrow width free standing walls and fences.


Traffic bollards are an important protective safeguard against harm of important assets.  Wallace + Wallace offer flush mounted post bollards, flush mounted cement filled bollards and core-drilled bollards filled with cement.


Barrier gates are an excellent choice to restrict access to parking lots during off hour periods.  The gates can be locked with a chain.  During business hours, posts mounted away from the gate with chain keep the swing gates open.


Parking Fences with post and wood beam construction offer strength and a clean and an aesthetically pleasing apperance to parking lots.  If beams get damaged they can be easily replaced and reattached to the brackets that come with the parking fence kit.


Post and chain offer a restrictive and protective barrier against vehicles and individuals from entering a property.  The post and chain blend into the scenery of the yard or area being protective.  


Wired fencing for game and various resdiential and commercial applications are available.  The wired product provides both strength and flexibility for protection of animals and other applicaitons.

lawn fenceSNOW FENCING

WALLACE + WALLACE carries two lines of snow  fencing  The snow fencing is a an  economical way to reduce snow and  reduce drifting.  The product line is UV stabilized recycled resins.  The product offers the ideal balance between lightness, flexibility and weatherability, and feature impressive strength-to-weight ratios.